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Candy Cleanse (free shipping)

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Treat your sweet tooth while getting in shape! This healthy taste like a candy that has the power to help you reach your weight loss goals. It's the perfect way to enjoy a delicious treat while still being good to your body. Get ready to see the results! 
If you are struggling with belly fat and want to lose weight fast then this is the drink for you. If you are constipated or feel bloated, then this is a must try. 

In our NEW Candy cleanse is our Original Brew tea and our new Watermelon or Tropical Punch Flavor Iaso Tea. This is a delicious way to cleanse that includes ingredients that loves your body back. 

Click here to see instructions on how to take our Candy Cleanse.

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Candy Cleanse (free shipping)Candy Cleanse (free shipping)Candy Cleanse (free shipping)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Surprisingly Good

Omg! My sample was delivered yesterday & it is so good! I really thought it was going to be nasty, lol, so it was a big surprise. Will be ordering soon!

People don’t be stingy

I see some ppl on social complaining about paying the shipping to get a try as if the lady not running a business. Omg 😳 y’all I am glad I was desperate enough to to lose my belly fat and paid the little change for her to mail it to me to try. I tried so many things before and they didn’t work for me and now I see the difference after trying one bottle of candy cleanse for such a tiny cost. If you really want to lose weight you definitely should try this and not think twice. Btw I don’t usually leave reviews but she deserve a review for allowing me to try her product. No one else is doing by that. Anyways let me go and grab me a month supply because honeyyyy this body goin be bodyinggg this summer 👙😎

Don’t miss out on this one

The tropical punch is my favorite. I wish I had gotten the 16oz but I am back for more. My belly is shrinking. Can’t wait for summer 🔥🔥🔥

It worked for me

I tried the 8oz because I wasn’t sure it would work and I went to the bathroom. I was not able to go to the bathroom so that really helped me. I bought the 3 days supply next and I was able to feel and see the difference. This is it! 🔥🔥🔥

Leesha warren
Taste like juice

It tasted like juice even my kids loved it. Except it really don’t have a lot of sugar so that’s great. Thanks for this.